Knowing what ingredients are in your skin care products is a must today. Here at, I take the use of ingredients very seriously. There are so many bad ingredients out there that can do more harm than good these days, which is why I’m sharing everything I know about an ingredient called triethanolamine. I’ve covered everything that I know to keep you just as informed as myself. Here’s what you need to know…

bottle of triethanolamine

Facts About Triethanolamine

Like I said, here’s everything you need to know about this skin care ingredient – the good, bad, and ugly.

Triethanolamine is actually an organic compound that can be found in many beauty care products. It’s made up of ammonia and ethylene oxide, and can be found in both industrial and medical products.

What the heck does it do? Well, it does something quite simple. What it does is help mix ingredients together. It does this by making oils and other ingredients more soluble in water. Once they’re both the same consistency, they come together to create the products that you know and love, without having to deal with them separating or spreading unevenly. It basically saves you a whole lot of headaches and wasted products, and for that, it should be thanked.

Good For All?

It’s not great for everything, though. The compound itself is thicker than some others, so it can’t be mixed with things like eye serums. These need to be thin so they can be easily absorbed into the skin. If you add something like Triethanolamine, that would be next to impossible.

Mascara and eyeliner are perfectly fine, though. Those products are already thicker by nature and can take the inclusion of this compound. Plus, they don’t need to be absorbed by the skin, so everything stays safe and you won’t run the risk of irritation or redness from wearing it for too long.

Do Not Leave On Skin Too Long

It needs to be noted that this stuff needs to be completely removed from your skin every single night. If you’re in the habit of falling asleep in your makeup, then you can run into a few problems. It’s really not meant for prolonged contact with the skin and you should never buy anything with more than a 5% concentration. Any more than that and you’re risking not only skin problems but also immune problems as well. It’s best to clean it all off with a cleaning agent rather than run the risk of damaging yourself.

Allergy Issues?

You may also run into an allergic reaction to this stuff. If that ever happens, you should contact your dermatologist right away. It’s rare, but some people do have a problem with it. Just like any other beauty care product, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you ever have any questions about it, never hesitate to ask your doctor. He or she will be happy to keep you out of harm’s way and make sure that your experience with Triethanolamine is always a pleasant one. After all, you’ve only got one body and you need to take care of it while you’re making sure that it looks great.

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