Habits That Make You Age Quicker Than Ever Before


Did you know that it’s the things that we do on a daily basis that are most impactful when it comes to our skin and body? Seriously, just think about that for a second. The food that you eat daily, the products that you apply topically, the supplements that you take daily, they all play a role in our aging process. What you may not have known was that some of these habits make us look and feel a lot older than we actually are.

I get it, you want to look younger and so do I, but if you’re not doing the right things to get you there, then you’re going to have a hell of a time accomplishing that task. On most occasions, people look older than their actual age and for the most part “that look” is attributed to not having the glow that you need in order to make an impact.

Some of the reasons that people look older than their actual age is because of genetics but not always. Most of the time there’s a direct correlation between your daily habits and how old you look. I’ll do my best to not only continue to share why this is the case but what you can do to avoid looking older than your actual age.

You’ve got to begin to break those bad habits – today!

daily habits making you age

Daily Habits That Make You Look Older

I’ve done my best to provide a list of habits that can typically make you look older than your actual age. These are for sure what we consider bad habits and if you want to look younger, then you need to break them – NOW.

Not Removing Makeup

So many young women don’t remove their makeup at the end of the day. They think that most care should be taken in the even but that’s not the case at all. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do for your skin is to remove your makeup each night.

There’s ample research out there that suggests that going to be without removing your makeup is horrible for your skin. When you sleep with your makeup on, it clogs your skin. When you leave makeup on your skin for a long time, it isn’t able to breathe. As a result, things start to happen like bumps forming, pimples developing, and more things that aggravate your skin. At the very least, you should be washing your face each night with a cleanser of your choice.

Poor Diet

Do you eat healthy every single day? If not, then you might be the typical habitual bad easter that has bad skin as a direct result of your poor food choices. Things like carbonated sodas, alcohol, fried foods, and processed foods are horrible for your skin. They cause wrinkles and what you need to do is substitute all that junk food for fruits and water instead. Doing so will help keep the crows feet away.


Do you smoke cigarettes? How about vaping? Whatever it is that you do, stop doing it. Based on my research and personal beliefs smoking cigarettes and vaping can both lead to aging faster than usual.

This has everything to do with blood vessels becoming more narrow and restricting the flow of oxygen to your cells as well. It’s also a known fact that smokers tend to purse their lips (apply this if you do) more and squit their eyes a lot more as well. Both of those things can cause wrinkles to form as time progresses.

Not Working Out

As you know, blood flow plays a huge role in the condition of your skin. If you’re not working out then chances are your skin is not getting the proper circulation it needs. There are nerves which work tirelessly to supply your skin with oxygen and when you limit your exercise activity, you end up with older looking skin, simple as that!

Now I realize that this is a short article, but it’s one that you need and should take into consideration if you’re looking to reduce how old your look or prevent your skin from further aging at a minimum. I’d also like to suggest that you use an eye cream of your choice to keep your under eye region looking youthful as well.