I’ve got another super popular and trendy skin care ingredient to share with you. It’s called Renovage and it’s being added to some of the most widely used serums and creams. So many companies are incorporating this that it seems like a new company is adding Renovage to their formula every single day.

But wait, don’t pick up a product with this ingredient just yet. You need to first learn what it consists of and what it does.


The Aging Process and How Renovage Works

In order to truly understand how Renovage works, we first have to understand how aging affects our appearance. Naturally, aging is associated with nothing if it’s not associated with wrinkles, but why is this?

The answer is super simple….

As we age, our telomeres get smaller, and no, that’s not nonsense. “WTF is a telomere?” I thought you’d never ask. A telomere is simply a strand of DNA that all people have. While we journey throughout our lives, these strands replicate themselves to replace things like skin cells as we shed them.

During that replication process, some of the DNA strands get damaged, resulting in a copy with slightly less information than its predecessor. Throughout the years this leads to imperfect cell production and causes wrinkles. It’s a fact of life that’s been plaguing man since he first stood upright. The good new is that we have a solution to this problem!

Here’s What Renovage Does

Renovage halts this process by keeping your telomeres happy and healthy without the need to replicate themselves. By keeping them intact, none of the effects of aging can take hold and can, in fact, be reversed.

The more full DNA strands that you have, the more full copies you’ll get out of them which will keep you looking young and fresh for years to come. This product is a break through and just may change the face of aging for the better. If you’re skeptical about it, then you’re not alone.

The Test Study Results

Just like any other emerging ingredient, studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of ths. In a recent study consisting of 24 women around 58 years of age, literally 100% of those in the participating in the study saw improved results. They showed a significant reduction in the wrinkles and visible lines within the skin.

On top of that, the full 100% of individuals saw improvements in moisture in their skin and a reduction of sunspots. If that weren’t enough evidence, 99% of the women saw less redness in their skin and smaller pore size, giving them the youthful appearance that they’ve always wanted but were never able to get back with other products.

Background Ingredient Information

Just like the Eyeliss ingredient, Renovage was created by Sederma and can do the things that other skin treatments have always promised, but never deliver on. No small amount of research and testing has gone into this cream. They’ve done a lot of R&D and you get to benefit from all of its success.

Whether you want to turn back the clock on aging or start now to make sure that you never see a single line on your face, Renovage cream can make it happen for you. How well this product works simply can’t be overstated and that’s clear from the numbers alone. Very few treatments can claim a 100% success rate, but Sederma has managed to hold on tight to those result numbers.

The testing process has led us to believe that Renovage does what it claims and can reverse the signs of aging that you’ve been working so hard to get rid of. It can give you the results that you want and you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. Simply look at the success rate and you’ll be able to see that this cream is the closest thing to a miracle product that you’ll be able to find on the market.

Are There Other Ingredients Just As Powerful?

There are literally thousands of skin care ingredients that companies incorporate into their products and formula creations. If you’re interested in learning what others are out there, all you have to do is read this page.