Men’s Skin Care Line Charles And Lee Is Coming Soon


I’ll be the first to admit that I believe in using products for what they are made to be used for. Turns out there’s a new men’s line that has the same belief and it’s called Charles and Lee, also known as Charles + Lee. They are hitting the men’s skin care market soon and they’re more than prepared to deliver, so it seems.

charles and lee men's skin care

Credit: Instagram @charlesandlee

Charles And Lee Men’s Brand Launched

The Charles + Lee product line is not for the individual that likes to use an all in one solution. Instead, it seems like the pride themselves in having products that do specifically what they should and they should be used accordingly.

The brand is one of the latest launches in the organic skin care for men market with natural ingredients such as goats milk, vitamin A, shea butter and even goji berry. These products also come with a clean sleek looking package and for those that are trying their best to avoid any busy or colorful products in the shower then this might be a decent fit. It’s a modern organic loving man’s product line that might be your answer to the winter skin blues.

Charles + Lee has a face wash, hand cream, body wash and a moisturizer that will all be available come March 1st. Until then, you’ll have to stalk their Instagram page for more insight.

Lastly, I should add that I personally do not use all these types of products and you may or may not need to use the entire line. They don’t have any products to use on your under eyes yet, but I still am personally interested in trying out some of the products. My personal experience tells me that it’s best to only introduce one or two new products into your skin care regimen at a time. If you’re taking any other approach, then it’s rather difficult to determine what’s actually working for you. Instead, introduce each slowly and measure your results. They may actually surprise you quite a bit.