Men’s Grooming Necessities For Spring Time


As the weather improves, we find ourselves thinking about those perfect spring days that are soon to come. In order to make the most of those days, you need to be prepared and by prepared I’m talking about having all the grooming necessities to keep yourself looking great this spring. Here are a few spring essentials when it comes to grooming and looking your best.

mens grooming essentials

Charcoal Soap sold at West Elm

Men’s Grooming Necessities Guide

Yes, you need soap to keep your body clean. The latest and greatest cleansing ingredient today is charcoal. Anything with activated charcoal is said to be a hot product for the spring. Why? Well, it does a killer job at absorbing dirt, oil and other nasty residue left on your skin.

If you’re looking for a product that contains activated charcoal, you can always check out the Little Seed Farm Farmstead Charcoal Soap that’s sold at West Elm.

Facial Cleanser
You need a killer cleanser if you want to dominate this spring with great looking skin. I do have a few suggestions for this product. I’d recommend that you spend some money here and invest in a good cleanser. It’s one of the most important things that you can do. There are products out there made by brands like Dermagist, Delfogo, Kiehl’s and other elite brands that work wonders for your skin. I’ll be reviewing each of these brands in the future with regards to each product with the lines.

Eye Cream
No, you’re not alone. Lots of other men use eye cream and no they don’t simply use the eye cream that their mom or girlfriend has at the house. They use their own. Back in the day, this wasn’t looked as being important at all. It’s since become an essential in the men’s skin care game.

Eye creams reduce wrinkles, remove the dark circles and just make you look and feel better all around. If you’re 25 years or older and you’re not incorporating this into your regimen then you’re crazy. I’m currently using the Kiehl’s Eye Alert as well as the serum that they make. I’ve used plenty of other eye products as well though. The important thing is that you’re actually using one.

Beard Oil
I don’t care if you have a full-on Paul Bunyan woodsman beard or if you’re just going for the office stubble look. Whatever approach you’re taking, you need to incorporate a beard oil. This will help keep your beard smelling fresh and free of beard dandruff and other irritation. Beard itch really sucks and if you’re not trying to keep from getting it you may find yourself itching to get some oils in the future. Be proactive and buy some. There are plenty of grooming brands that have their own beard oils. I’d suggest that you check out the woodsman beard oil. It’s one that I’ve used.

Moisturizer With SPF
Last but not least, you need to incorporate a high-quality moisturizer into your regimen and that moisturizer must have SPF to protect your skin. You’re not going to look young if you the don’t protect yourself from the sun. Even worse, you could get skin cancer and that’s a surefire way to ruin your spring. Be smart, be proactive.