Kim Kardashian Reveals Skyn Iceland In Her Jet Lag Beauty Kit


There’s one thing I know for sure. When Kim Kardashian talks about using a product, the world listens! She’s been known to share a ton of health and beauty information with people who read her personal lifestyle blog. That’s just one of the many places she shares her tips.

Apparently, she’s giving praise to one specific eye cream. There’s an Icelandic company that she’s been incorporating into her routine. The company is called Skyn Iceland.

kim kardashian jet lag skyn iceland

According to an update that Kim Kardashian West posted on her blog, she has incorporated this product in her “jet-lag survival kit.”

I’ve seen Kim K. use a number of different eye creams but in this particular case, she’s incorporating Skyn Iceland eye cream as well as an eye gel.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary for Kim to have a jet lag beauty kit, but she does fly more than you and I. She’s traveling around the country for New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and all the stops for the Kayne West Sait Pablo Tour.

Kim Kardashian carries with her, the Hydro Cool Firming gel in order to get rid of the puffiness of her under eye region. When it comes to reducing the presence of dark circles, Kim is using the Skin Iceland Relief Eye Cream.

If you’re not familiar with the Skyn Iceland products, they are all made with the use of natural ingredients from many Icelandic regions.