You know what’s really important in skin care? Ingredients! The main ingredients in your skin products mean the difference between good products and bad products. Here’s what you need to know about an ingredient called isododecane. It’s popular and a must know – no question about that.


Overview Of The Active Ingredient Isododecane

Yet another common site in the ingredient list for beauty care items is Isododecane. This stuff doesn’t have much of an effect on you, but it certainly has quite the effect on your products. Its sole purpose is, typically, to help you apply them (the formulas) evenly and easily.

Things such as eyeliner will have it to help you spread it evenly around your eyes. Mascara and lip-gloss also contain this compound for the exact same reason and they just wouldn’t be the same without it. If you’ve ever tried to spread cold butter on a cold piece of bread, then you know exactly what it’d be like if your beauty products didn’t contain Isododecane.

One Warning Though

The one thing that this stuff should never do, though, is somehow, have it make its way under your skin. If it does that, it can end up causing irritation and other issues. That’s why you should never apply it over a cut or broken skin. If you’re using it normally, then that’s not something you should need to worry about. The product will come with other compounds that work to keep it from seeping into the skin. Your care products are always working to keep you safe.

Keep Your Eyes On It

The one place where it shouldn’t be used is with eye care products. That’s simply because anything that’s meant to reduce puffiness or bags has to seep in under the skin. If it can’t get absorbed, then it can’t really do its job. If you add something that needs to be kept on the surface to the mix, things get crazy pretty fast. So, that’s one place where it’s not really going to be found, but that’s the exception to the rule. It’s also widely used in anything that’s meant to not clog pores.

Acne Prevention

If you use any products that claim to keep you from developing acne, then it probably has this stuff in it. Again, if it doesn’t need to go into the skin, this is the stuff that’s going to help you apply it. On top of that, anything that calls itself long lasting probably has it. One of the great side benefits of it is that it’s great for slowing down evaporation of water and locking in moisture. That means that any mascara that’s supposed to last in water or all day long will be using this compound to make that happen. There’s really very little that it can’t do.


If you have any questions about Isododecane, you should always feel free to consult your dermatologist. They’ll have a lot more information they can share and the expertise to really teach you all about it. They love to talk about the skin and everything that goes on with it, so you’d really be doing them a favor. Plus they never have a problem with sharing everything they know about a specific subject. Just be sure to keep it away from any open wounds or cracked skin when you apply it to save yourself from any irritation.

My advice is to take some action and be sure to read the labels of all the products you’re using before doing so. Identify whether or not your product contains this ingredient.

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