Hugh Jackman Urges You To Wear Sunscreen


If you’ve seen X-Men, then you know exactly who Hugh Jackman is and why he’s such a famous celebrity. He’s been featured in some of the most action packed movies ever made. However, even an X-Men star has a tough time fighting skin cancer.

hugh jackman skin cancer

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Hugh Jackman Has Growth Removed From Skin

According to an article recently published in Reuters, Hugh Jackman had a skin cancer growth removed from his face. It’s quite possible that the reason Hugh Jackman acquired the skin cancer growth was because he didn’t properly protect himself over the years.

Hugh Jackman has exposed himself to sun and harmful UV rays throughout the years. In fact, this wasn’t the first removal procedure that Hugh had to put himself through. This was his 5th removal procedure since 2013.

Unlike many celebrities that prefer to keep their personal health private, Hugh Jackman rather make the public aware of his conditions which he hopes will promote good skin care and protection. In fact, he posted something on Instagram recently that said, “Please use sunscreen and get regular check-ups.”

He believes that the main culprit of his skin cancer growth is not wearing sunscreen during the years that he was growing up in Australia.

Hugh Jackman is so adamant about practicing safe skin care that he gets checkups every three months. He’s also launched a line of sunscreens for children.

Hugh Jackman is not the only person that’s an advocate for protecting yourself from the UV rays. My father has had to deal with some of the same issues that Hugh has had to deal with. He now wears sunscreen on a daily basis and I do was well. I urge you to do anything that you can in order to protect yourself from the sun.

As far as the impact that sun can have on the area under your eyes, I’d say that it can definitely make your dark circles and eye bags more noticeable. I spend a lot of time surrounding myself with people that hang out in the sun for most of the day and I’ve personally noticed that as they age, those that don’t practice good skin care techniques are the ones with the most noticeable bags and circles under their eyes.