How To Get Rid Of Baggy Eyes

If you are on this page then there’s a good chance that you just might be searching for a solution to getting rid of your baggy eyes. I can’t say that I blame you and if you suffer from these or even circles under your eyes then I know how you feel and exactly what you’re going through. The unfortunate part of all of this is that having dark, puffy bags under your eyes is something that can be related to the natural processing of aging. The good news is that there are plenty of quick fix solutions that can help you get rid of the droopy looking eye problem that you are having.

How To Get Rid Of Baggy Eyes

Funny quote from Anchorman about baggy eyes. Lol. It’s funny because I’ve dealt with it!

Quick Ways To Solve Your Baggy Eyes Issues

Here’s a list of some of the fixes that I know have worked in the past on myself, my wife and others that have previously used them.

#1 – Water, Water and More Water
Water does a fantastic job of flushing our internal system. With salt being a major cause of baggy eyes, consuming a significant amount of water can certainly help flush out that sodium that has been retained. Have you ever eaten a salty meal and felt really swollen or stuffy in the face? That’s all due to the sodium that’s causing water retention. Try to put down any other types of drinks aside from water. Drop the sodas completely.

#2 – Use An Eye Cream or Eye Serum
There are plenty of eye creams that exist out there which offer a quick fix solution to your problem. Actually, some of the best eye serums contain ingredients which help further prevent your eye bags from surfacing. They are primarily used as a fix though and they do a great job too. If you can afford to use a product of this nature like I do then I’d suggest picking up either an eye cream or an eye serum to at least try it out. No need to try both, I’d stick to one at a time and see how you like it.

#3 – Incorporate Cool Temperatures
I’m sure you’ve heard cool temperatures reduce swelling right? Well, the same goes for those terrible baggy eyes. Applying something cool like a cool compress to your eyes will help reduce the swelling. A lot of people use cucumbers for this. I’d suggest slicing some up and putting them in the freezer. That way you have them ready to apply when necessary and there’s no further waiting around.

#4 – Apply Tea Bags
If you like to drink tea, then you’ve got an additional use for your tea bags. Put them on your eyes! There’s something in the tea bags called tannin. It’s a completely natural and it actually does a decent job in reducing the swelling of baggy under eyes. Basically, what the tea bag does is further reduce the inflammation and swelling. It can also help with that dark discoloration that’s present sometimes i.e. dark circles.

#5 – Sleep On Your Back More
If you’re sleeping on your stomach or side then you’re more susceptible to have bags under your eye when you wake up. It has something to do with the position of your body, the pillow and the fluid in your body that can sometimes collect at night. You could also try and use an additional pillow if you’re only using one right now. Doing so will help raise your head a bit more and will further prevent fluid from collecting in your face and below your eyes.

#6 – Stop Drinking
Alcohol is horrible for your body to begin with, but it adds an additional layer of problems when it comes to bags under eyes. I’d say remove it from your diet completely. I bet most of the supermodels and celebrities that have perfect eyes with no bags don’t drink. Alcohol helps your body retain water. You don’t want that retention. If you do choose to drink, make sure you drink plenty of water before you go to sleep that night.

#7 – Wash Your Face
This isn’t necessarily a quick fix but it helps get rid of the bags under your eyes overtime. It’s important to wash your face on a regular basis and make sure you get into a skin care routine that incorporates using products that help strengthen your skin. Strong healthy skin is the type of skin that you want and if you have bags under your skin them you’re skin isn’t as healthy as it should be. Take some action to try and fix that.

Out of all these quick fix remedies that I’ve laid out here, it’s quite evident that incorporating a high-quality eye serum to reduce both baggy eyes and dark circles it likely to be the most expensive method but also the most effective if you ask me. There are so many products out there that just work when it comes to fixing these issues that it’s almost impossible to not find one that does the trick. If you’re looking for a solution to the problem, I’d suggest that you read this to find out what I recommend trying.