Galderma To Introduce Cetaphil Men To Market


For years, men have been considered second tier when it comes to skin care and personal care. Well, when the corporate skin care giants start creating products specifically for men, then you know that we’re no longer riding in the back seat. Galderma just announced that they are moving into the men’s skin care niche with Cetaphil Men.

Cetaphil Men Skin Line

Cetaphil Men’s Line Recently Launched To Target Male Personal Care

Galderma Set To Launch Cetaphil Men’s Line

Well, you can forget about having to steal your wife’s Cetaphil, if she’s not using it instead of using a more high-end skin care product. Here’s why. According to a publication in¬†, the makers of the famous skin care line Cetaphil have recently announced that they will be launching a men’s line of products very soon.

This comes as no surprise with the recent research reported from Mintel that men’s personal care is set to hit $4.7 billion in gross sales in about four years. This makes perfect sense for the brand and their testing the marketing waters to see if they’re able to attract more male customers by launching this brand.

As far as the product line is concerned, Cetaphil plans to roll out a number of different products such as the Cetaphil Men Daily Face Wash, Daily Face Cloths, Daily Face Lotion with SPF 15 and many more.

The brand is actually already available for purchase in certain retail locations. You just have to shop at the right stores. If you’re a frequent visitor of Target, Publix, Giant Eagle then you’ve likely seen the products on the shelves in the men’s personal care section. If you’re an online shopper then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen them online at, and a couple of other websites.

I should mention that this initiative comes after the recent launch of Cetaphil Baby. The launch happened last year and it’s been a great addition to their skin care line. The only question I have is whether or not the Cetaphil Men’s Line will live up to the hype. Honestly, I probably won’t ever personally¬†find out. I gave up on those low-cost brands a long time ago. I’m not afraid to spend money on good skin care products knowing that I only have one face and one body to preserve. I put forth too much effort to rid my face of the terrible baggy eyes that I used to have to not invest in my skin.