Yes, Shark Oil Eye Cream Is A Real Thing!


I’m not a huge fan of the ocean, to begin with, but I’m definitely not a fan of sharks! Sure, I watch JAWS and all the other shark movies but that’s about it. Even though I’m not a huge fan of these underwater monsters, when I came across shark oil eye cream I couldn’t help but want to know more.

There are so many products on the market these days and many of them contain the strangest ingredients that you can possibly think of. However, this one might take the cake.

Shark Oil Eye Cream

Shark Oil Eye Cream Is All The Rage This Summer! But Should You Use It?

Wanna know why people are beginning to use this product to deflate puffy under eyes and get rid of those nasty dark circles? Well, it’s because shark livers contain a key ingredient that most eye creams include in their formulas. The ingredient is something known as squalene and it’s magical.

If you think shark liver is the only way to obtain this active ingredient then think again. You can find squalene in natural foods such as olives, rice and more.

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is whether or not you should book a shark hunting trip this summer. My advice is to not waste your money just yet.

The only thing you need to worry about is getting more squalene into your routine and that’s it. As we age, the amount of squalene dramatically decreases and when that happens, skin form wrinkles and it dries out faster than the Sahara desert.

Your job is to replace the squalene, not kill sharks, lol!

Now, all you need to do is find a reputable brand that creates an eye cream which doesn’t kill sharks off for their liver. Might I suggest using a serum by Keihl’s or maybe even La Mer if you’ve got deeper pockets? Either option is bound to save you time and money versus hunting sharks, trust me!

Don’t forget that there are many other options out there if you’re just looking to depuff your eyes. You’re not stuck with hurting sharks or animals just to achieve your perfect skin complexion. In fact, I’ll be the first one to say that cruelty-free is the only way to go when it comes to purchasing skin care products.

Kim Kardashian Reveals Skyn Iceland In Her Jet Lag Beauty Kit


There’s one thing I know for sure. When Kim Kardashian talks about using a product, the world listens! She’s been known to share a ton of health and beauty information with people who read her personal lifestyle blog. That’s just one of the many places she shares her tips.

Apparently, she’s giving praise to one specific eye cream. There’s an Icelandic company that she’s been incorporating into her routine. The company is called Skyn Iceland.

kim kardashian jet lag skyn iceland

According to an update that Kim Kardashian West posted on her blog, she has incorporated this product in her “jet-lag survival kit.”

I’ve seen Kim K. use a number of different eye creams but in this particular case, she’s incorporating Skyn Iceland eye cream as well as an eye gel.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary for Kim to have a jet lag beauty kit, but she does fly more than you and I. She’s traveling around the country for New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and all the stops for the Kayne West Sait Pablo Tour.

Kim Kardashian carries with her, the Hydro Cool Firming gel in order to get rid of the puffiness of her under eye region. When it comes to reducing the presence of dark circles, Kim is using the Skin Iceland Relief Eye Cream.

If you’re not familiar with the Skyn Iceland products, they are all made with the use of natural ingredients from many Icelandic regions.

Business Insider Columnist Realizes Why Eye Cream Is Important


A certain business columnist spends most of his time interviewing grooming experts, skin care execs and even the occasional dermatologist. Before he started interviewing these individuals, Dennis Green couldn’t for the life of him understand why taking care of your skin was so important.

Dennis Green Business Insider Columnist

Credit: / Dennis Green / Business Insider Profile

He kept on asking these skin company executives and dermatologists which product they recommended that men should use that most weren’t using. Dennis Green said that the question led to the same exact answer every single time! It was a simple solution too. Everyone told him to use eye cream, even the President of Kiehl’s suggested it.

According to Chris Salgardo, Kiehl’s President, “Nothing gives away aging prematurely or wherever you are in your life than lines around your eyes,” is what he Chris said when he was being interviewed by Dennis Green. I should mention at this point that I’ve actually used a number of Kiehl’s products, specifically the Eye Alert serum product.

Wait a second, though! Dennis is only 24 years old. Is it really necessary for him to start thinking about his skin? It absolutely is time to start worrying!

Instead of taking the advice given by the Kiehl’s President, he decided to simply use his own daily basic moisturizer and call it a day. Dennis admitted that it was finally time to admit that he was in the wrong here. The experts told him something and he decided to completely ignore all that noise.

It turns out that Dennis decided to begin incorporating an eye cream into his daily skin care regimen because he started to care about something that we all have to deal with at times. That’s right, he was sick and tired of being labeled one of the puffy eye guys and hated the look the dark under eye look that the lack of sleep or too much fun was a result of.

In the article published in Business Insider, Dennis Green went as far to mention the zombie that he felt like was no longer staring back at him in the mirror. He’s now joined the ranks of other daily advocates that pride themselves on using eye cream. Not only that, but he may actually be able to keep looking like he’s only in his 20s for a long period of time. Dennis, kudos to you and the action you’ve taken to rid yourself of those nasty under eyes. You’ve joined our club my friend!

Galderma To Introduce Cetaphil Men To Market


For years, men have been considered second tier when it comes to skin care and personal care. Well, when the corporate skin care giants start creating products specifically for men, then you know that we’re no longer riding in the back seat. Galderma just announced that they are moving into the men’s skin care niche with Cetaphil Men.

Cetaphil Men Skin Line

Cetaphil Men’s Line Recently Launched To Target Male Personal Care

Galderma Set To Launch Cetaphil Men’s Line

Well, you can forget about having to steal your wife’s Cetaphil, if she’s not using it instead of using a more high-end skin care product. Here’s why. According to a publication in¬†, the makers of the famous skin care line Cetaphil have recently announced that they will be launching a men’s line of products very soon.

This comes as no surprise with the recent research reported from Mintel that men’s personal care is set to hit $4.7 billion in gross sales in about four years. This makes perfect sense for the brand and their testing the marketing waters to see if they’re able to attract more male customers by launching this brand.

As far as the product line is concerned, Cetaphil plans to roll out a number of different products such as the Cetaphil Men Daily Face Wash, Daily Face Cloths, Daily Face Lotion with SPF 15 and many more.

The brand is actually already available for purchase in certain retail locations. You just have to shop at the right stores. If you’re a frequent visitor of Target, Publix, Giant Eagle then you’ve likely seen the products on the shelves in the men’s personal care section. If you’re an online shopper then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen them online at, and a couple of other websites.

I should mention that this initiative comes after the recent launch of Cetaphil Baby. The launch happened last year and it’s been a great addition to their skin care line. The only question I have is whether or not the Cetaphil Men’s Line will live up to the hype. Honestly, I probably won’t ever personally¬†find out. I gave up on those low-cost brands a long time ago. I’m not afraid to spend money on good skin care products knowing that I only have one face and one body to preserve. I put forth too much effort to rid my face of the terrible baggy eyes that I used to have to not invest in my skin.

Hugh Jackman Urges You To Wear Sunscreen


If you’ve seen X-Men, then you know exactly who Hugh Jackman is and why he’s such a famous celebrity. He’s been featured in some of the most action packed movies ever made. However, even an X-Men star has a tough time fighting skin cancer.

hugh jackman skin cancer

Instagram @thehughjackman

Hugh Jackman Has Growth Removed From Skin

According to an article recently published in Reuters, Hugh Jackman had a skin cancer growth removed from his face. It’s quite possible that the reason Hugh Jackman acquired the skin cancer growth was because he didn’t properly protect himself over the years.

Hugh Jackman has exposed himself to sun and harmful UV rays throughout the years. In fact, this wasn’t the first removal procedure that Hugh had to put himself through. This was his 5th removal procedure since 2013.

Unlike many celebrities that prefer to keep their personal health private, Hugh Jackman rather make the public aware of his conditions which he hopes will promote good skin care and protection. In fact, he posted something on Instagram recently that said, “Please use sunscreen and get regular check-ups.”

He believes that the main culprit of his skin cancer growth is not wearing sunscreen during the years that he was growing up in Australia.

Hugh Jackman is so adamant about practicing safe skin care that he gets checkups every three months. He’s also launched a line of sunscreens for children.

Hugh Jackman is not the only person that’s an advocate for protecting yourself from the UV rays. My father has had to deal with some of the same issues that Hugh has had to deal with. He now wears sunscreen on a daily basis and I do was well. I urge you to do anything that you can in order to protect yourself from the sun.

As far as the impact that sun can have on the area under your eyes, I’d say that it can definitely make your dark circles and eye bags more noticeable. I spend a lot of time surrounding myself with people that hang out in the sun for most of the day and I’ve personally noticed that as they age, those that don’t practice good skin care techniques are the ones with the most noticeable bags and circles under their eyes.

Men’s Skin Regimens Are Evolving


The days of the typical dove soap bar being used are gone for good. Guys like myself used to use body soap bars and thought it was okay for my skin. I’ll be the first to say that men’s skin regimens have evolved, and unfortunately, our significant others may not be too happy about that for one main reason.

men's skin regimens

As Skin Care Evolves So Do Men’s Skin Regimens

It started with our spouses and girlfriends buying products to help perfect their complexion. When they saw flaws in our skin, they pointed them out and even offered us to use their products. Well, that quickly evolved into the quick disappearance of their products.

According to an article written in The Star, there has been some chatter on the disappearance of women’s skin care products and 73 percent of those involved said that they were very familiar with the issue. The thievery was no laughing matter for some of the women.

I can attest to this myself. Before I established a real skin care regimen, I would ask my wife for suggestions when I saw issues and she’d hand me her products. She no sooner realized that her product stock was diminishing at an incredible rate and it soon became a real issue. That’s when I knew it was time for me to get on my own regimen and really invest time and money in my skin. Enough about me, let me get back to the main discussion…

The upgrades in the male grooming this past year has caused many to drop those nasty soap bars and basic cleansers that they picked up at the local Walmart. They are now shopping online and are searching for products that contain ingredients which can provide the best results for their skin.

Men’s skin is completely different from women and they often require something that can combat their oily skin and smaller pores. I’ve got a current regimen that I’ll share with you. I typically shower first thing but I should mention that I never wash my face in the shower. I then use a cleanser made for men and I shave my face. Once my face has been cleansed and I’m all shaved, I then apply a serum to my face. I personally require a serum that works extra hard on the bags and circles under my eyes.

The typical men’s skin regimens at night can be a little different than the regimen in the morning. I too have a different current regimen at night, which incorporates the use of another serum and a night cream. I’m just scratching the surface here though and giving you a general overview. If I get into the specifics I’ll be here for days.

For some people that think my approach is foolish and that breaking into your girlfriend or wife’s skin products is okay, I’m here to tell you it’s definitely not. You have to remember that a skin care regimen and the use of skin products is somewhat similar to the use of dietary supplements. You wouldn’t want to use some fat burner or protein that’s meant for women would you? Of course not! Just remember that what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body.

If you’re serious about keeping your skin healthy, invest in a few products that a high-quality men’s skin care line produces. Either that or you’re going to have to deal with the wrath of a really mad wife or girlfriend. It’s not worth having to deal with that in my opinion!

Men’s Skin Care Line Charles And Lee Is Coming Soon


I’ll be the first to admit that I believe in using products for what they are made to be used for. Turns out there’s a new men’s line that has the same belief and it’s called Charles and Lee, also known as Charles + Lee. They are hitting the men’s skin care market soon and they’re more than prepared to deliver, so it seems.

charles and lee men's skin care

Credit: Instagram @charlesandlee

Charles And Lee Men’s Brand Launched

The Charles + Lee product line is not for the individual that likes to use an all in one solution. Instead, it seems like the pride themselves in having products that do specifically what they should and they should be used accordingly.

The brand is one of the latest launches in the organic skin care for men market with natural ingredients such as goats milk, vitamin A, shea butter and even goji berry. These products also come with a clean sleek looking package and for those that are trying their best to avoid any busy or colorful products in the shower then this might be a decent fit. It’s a modern organic loving man’s product line that might be your answer to the winter skin blues.

Charles + Lee has a face wash, hand cream, body wash and a moisturizer that will all be available come March 1st. Until then, you’ll have to stalk their Instagram page for more insight.

Lastly, I should add that I personally do not use all these types of products and you may or may not need to use the entire line. They don’t have any products to use on your under eyes yet, but I still am personally interested in trying out some of the products. My personal experience tells me that it’s best to only introduce one or two new products into your skin care regimen at a time. If you’re taking any other approach, then it’s rather difficult to determine what’s actually working for you. Instead, introduce each slowly and measure your results. They may actually surprise you quite a bit.