Business Insider Columnist Realizes Why Eye Cream Is Important


A certain business columnist spends most of his time interviewing grooming experts, skin care execs and even the occasional dermatologist. Before he started interviewing these individuals, Dennis Green couldn’t for the life of him understand why taking care of your skin was so important.

Dennis Green Business Insider Columnist

Credit: / Dennis Green / Business Insider Profile

He kept on asking these skin company executives and dermatologists which product they recommended that men should use that most weren’t using. Dennis Green said that the question led to the same exact answer every single time! It was a simple solution too. Everyone told him to use eye cream, even the President of Kiehl’s suggested it.

According to Chris Salgardo, Kiehl’s President, “Nothing gives away aging prematurely or wherever you are in your life than lines around your eyes,” is what he Chris said when he was being interviewed by Dennis Green. I should mention at this point that I’ve actually used a number of Kiehl’s products, specifically the Eye Alert serum product.

Wait a second, though! Dennis is only 24 years old. Is it really necessary for him to start thinking about his skin? It absolutely is time to start worrying!

Instead of taking the advice given by the Kiehl’s President, he decided to simply use his own daily basic moisturizer and call it a day. Dennis admitted that it was finally time to admit that he was in the wrong here. The experts told him something and he decided to completely ignore all that noise.

It turns out that Dennis decided to begin incorporating an eye cream into his daily skin care regimen because he started to care about something that we all have to deal with at times. That’s right, he was sick and tired of being labeled one of the puffy eye guys and hated the look the dark under eye look that the lack of sleep or too much fun was a result of.

In the article published in Business Insider, Dennis Green went as far to mention the zombie that he felt like was no longer staring back at him in the mirror. He’s now joined the ranks of other daily advocates that pride themselves on using eye cream. Not only that, but he may actually be able to keep looking like he’s only in his 20s for a long period of time. Dennis, kudos to you and the action you’ve taken to rid yourself of those nasty under eyes. You’ve joined our club my friend!