Hydroxatone Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment Review

Hydroxatone is absolutely everywhere that you look. You’ll see their commercials all over the TV, hear them on the radio and read all about them on the Internet. The company that created it must have started off with a fair amount of venture capital to invest in so much ad space, since it’s certainly not coming from a healthy sales ratio.

hydroxatone hydrolyze under eye cream

Hydroxatone Reviews

After substantial testing by panelists, it seems to be that this product just falls short of being the life changer that it claims to be. Couple that with a hefty price tag and you’ve got a serum that most people who’ve tested it say they would have returned it for a refund. I hate to play the negative card, but at times, it’s one only one to play when dealing with the cards you’ve been dealt.

Hydroxatone Is Temporary and Pricey

It says right on the box that the results you’ll see from Hydroxatone will be temporary, and that’s just not good enough. There are plenty of other products that you can buy to get the same temporary results for a fraction of the price.

If you’re spending the kind of money that these guys are asking for, then you should be able to expect permanent changes to your skin and appearance. To spend this much on something that won’t last is simply too much to ask the consumer to do. But there’s good news:

Some eye cream products DO WORK.

Not all skin products and ingredients were created equal. If they were, then we’d be totally screwed and the entire industry would be nothing but a sham.

Other Problems Hydroxatone Has

On top of this very serious problem, most of the women who agreed to test it out noticed that it actually made them look worse. This holds especially true when it was applied under their makeup.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d warned consumers that product application process is extremely important. Not following it can ruin your skin.

What Women Said About It

Some women had a few things to say about Hydroxatone. The product felt sticky or tacky to most of the women who applied it and they reported that it flaked after they applied their typical makeup. One thing is for certain, if a product cannot hold up after makeup is applied, consider it a huge fail.

Additionally, when you’re dealing with a product that only offers temporary results, chances are that you’re going to be putting it on before you go out. Its reaction to makeup makes it nearly useless, just one more thing to simply take up space in your medicine cabinet and routine.

The Study (Results You Need To Know)

All of these things previously mentioned would be balanced against the results that the product actually offers. Bad news is that there just doesn’t seem to be any. The women in the study all failed to see any changes in their appearance. No fine lines were removed and their skin never felt any more moisturized after applying the product. All red flags if you ask me.

Aside from an unpleasant sensation on the skin, just like you’d get with a cheap over the counter moisturizer, this stuff has nothing to offer anyone. It fails on every level and only succeeds at making your wallet lighter.

Not Many Reviews, They’re Not Stellar Either

I’m a huge fan of taking third party reviews into consideration. One thing I can tell you is that this product has very few reviews online about it. The lack of reviews is suspect for sure. Check out Amazon and other sites that write eye cream product reviews. For those that I was able to scrounge up, I determined that the following reviews existed.

hydroxatone third party review

hydroxatone review

Typically speaking, when people find something that they like, they tend to want to talk about it, but that’s just not been the case. It’s a red flag on top of the negative testing and that means this product deserves resounding thumbs down. It simply can’t give you the results that you want and practically tells you that right on the packaging. You won’t find anything of value here and you’ll just be putting yourself into a tight spot when you try to put on your typical makeup.


If you’ve made a purchase already and you want a refund, all you have to do is contact customer support by clicking here. I mentioned that it was very important that you not make a purchase until reading this eye cream review in its entirety, so I hope you didn’t purchase it prior to that. Before buying anything, you can learn which are the best. I suggest taking full advantage of the information available to you.