Dior Anti Fatigue Firming Eye Serum Review

Christian Dior is one of the top makeup, fragrance, skin care, and fashion designers in the world. The company has been doing this type of stuff for years. As industry trendsetters, Dior was the first company to create dermatological treatments specifically designed for men to use on their skin. One of the treatments is the Dior Anti Fatigue Firming Eye Serum.

This so-called “firming serum” is supposed to smooth out the delicate region around the eye. It’s also supposed to help decrease the presence of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes that can make most men look older.

Besides the active anti-aging ingredients, the most attractive thing about this product is the glass pen applicator which measures the exact amount of product needed for each application. It’s great for people that like to save money and not be wasteful. To be frank, this saves a lot of money in the long run because none of the product is wasted. It also prevents you from dispensing too much of the cream and risking getting it in your eyes. As you know, your eyes are very sensitive and getting cream or serum in them will only make matters much worse.

Dior Homme Anti Fatigue Serum Review

Christian Dior Anti Fatigue Firming Serum For Men (My Review)


This product is part of the Dior Homme Dermo System Collection created in conjunction with the creator Hedi Slimane and the Harvard Medical Center. It is tested with the latest scientific technology to stay on top of the industry by striving to create new ways to achieve smooth and youthful skin. The eye serum neutralizes pigments around the eye and reduces the build-up of fat that is the cause of puffiness.

It causes the skin to relax and firm to help eliminate fine lines. The firming of the skin helps reinforce the tissue and lifts it. It absorbs into the skin splendidly without leaving it dry or oily. This makes it easier to add other creams or cosmetics on top of it. It does reduce fine lines, but the change is subtle. It also has little effect on dark circles. It is effective, but the change that it offers may not be worth the price tag.

Manufacturing Company Opinion

Dior claims that the product is dermatologist tested on 30 subjects who applied the serum twice daily for 4 weeks. 97% of the subjects supposedly experienced smoothing of eyelids, 83% had increased firmness, 73% had improved tone, 67% had less puffiness than they did before, and 80% experienced a reduction in dark circles. They tell you that the longer you use the product, the better the results.

The Key Ingredients

Here’s a list of the active ingredients used in this anti wrinkle serum.

  • Vitamin E Phosphate

The two key ingredients are β-ECDYSONE and Vitamin E Phosphate. The β-ECDYSONE is supposed to work to repair any physical damage on the skin, such as nicks, cuts, and scrapes. It also works to stimulates cellular regeneration which in turn leads to new cell growth, an essential part of the process. Vitamin E Phosphate provides anti-free radical cellular protection. This is important as free radicals can cause collagen and elastin to break down.

Recommended Product Use

It is recommended that you apply the serum twice daily. Once in the morning and once in the evening. You should wash your hands thoroughly and do your cleansing routine on your face before applying the serum. The bottle dispenses the proper amount, so all you have to do is apply the gel to the tip of your finger and softly massage it into the skin around the eye until it is completely absorbed into the skin.

Pros and Cons of Dior Firming Serum

The way the gel absorbs into the skin is ideal because it doesn’t leave it dry or oily and it is easier to add other products following the application of it. Also, the glass applicator dispenses only the amount needed for each application to reduce waste and assures that you get just the right amount of serum every time. The drawback is the effectiveness compared to the price. Reduction of fine lines and dark circles under the eyes is too subtle to make it worth the money that you spend. The product costs $59 for a .5-ounce bottle.


Dior might be awfully proud of being the first company to offer dermatological products specifically designed for men, but this is mostly just a marketing ploy. There is nothing in a man’s skin that makes it any different from a woman’s when it comes to the skin cells and wrinkling.

Therefore, a skin product that is designed for a woman will work just as well on a man. The Dior Anti Fatigue Firming Eye Serum may be a good product on the surface, but the lasting effects don’t seem to make it any more effective than treatments that you can purchase for much cheaper. Be sure to check out the homepage for more advice on fixing your under eyes.