Habits That Make You Age Quicker Than Ever Before


Did you know that it’s the things that we do on a daily basis that are most impactful when it comes to our skin and body? Seriously, just think about that for a second. The food that you eat daily, the products that you apply topically, the supplements that you take daily, they all play a role in our aging process. What you may not have known was that some of these habits make us look and feel a lot older than we actually are.

I get it, you want to look younger and so do I, but if you’re not doing the right things to get you there, then you’re going to have a hell of a time accomplishing that task. On most occasions, people look older than their actual age and for the most part “that look” is attributed to not having the glow that you need in order to make an impact.

Some of the reasons that people look older than their actual age is because of genetics but not always. Most of the time there’s a direct correlation between your daily habits and how old you look. I’ll do my best to not only continue to share why this is the case but what you can do to avoid looking older than your actual age.

You’ve got to begin to break those bad habits – today!

daily habits making you age

Daily Habits That Make You Look Older

I’ve done my best to provide a list of habits that can typically make you look older than your actual age. These are for sure what we consider bad habits and if you want to look younger, then you need to break them – NOW.

Not Removing Makeup

So many young women don’t remove their makeup at the end of the day. They think that most care should be taken in the even but that’s not the case at all. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do for your skin is to remove your makeup each night.

There’s ample research out there that suggests that going to be without removing your makeup is horrible for your skin. When you sleep with your makeup on, it clogs your skin. When you leave makeup on your skin for a long time, it isn’t able to breathe. As a result, things start to happen like bumps forming, pimples developing, and more things that aggravate your skin. At the very least, you should be washing your face each night with a cleanser of your choice.

Poor Diet

Do you eat healthy every single day? If not, then you might be the typical habitual bad easter that has bad skin as a direct result of your poor food choices. Things like carbonated sodas, alcohol, fried foods, and processed foods are horrible for your skin. They cause wrinkles and what you need to do is substitute all that junk food for fruits and water instead. Doing so will help keep the crows feet away.


Do you smoke cigarettes? How about vaping? Whatever it is that you do, stop doing it. Based on my research and personal beliefs smoking cigarettes and vaping can both lead to aging faster than usual.

This has everything to do with blood vessels becoming more narrow and restricting the flow of oxygen to your cells as well. It’s also a known fact that smokers tend to purse their lips (apply this if you do) more and squit their eyes a lot more as well. Both of those things can cause wrinkles to form as time progresses.

Not Working Out

As you know, blood flow plays a huge role in the condition of your skin. If you’re not working out then chances are your skin is not getting the proper circulation it needs. There are nerves which work tirelessly to supply your skin with oxygen and when you limit your exercise activity, you end up with older looking skin, simple as that!

Now I realize that this is a short article, but it’s one that you need and should take into consideration if you’re looking to reduce how old your look or prevent your skin from further aging at a minimum. I’d also like to suggest that you use an eye cream of your choice to keep your under eye region looking youthful as well.

Can You Use Eye Cream On Your Lips?


There are tons of tips and tricks that you can use in your everyday skin care routine to either save time or deal with a missing product. Many of the things in your makeup drawer can be used for other accessories. For instance, coconut oil is great for hydrating your hair and skin. As is preparation H for your water retention issues. If you’re out of blush, lipstick will do very nicely in a pinch. If you’re out of lip balm, eye cream will work wonders for your lips. That’s right, anti-aging eye cream can be used on your lips, and you’ll be very happy with the results that you get.

lady applying eye cream to her lips

How Eye Cream Can Be Used On Your Lips

Your lips are thin skin, just like the tissue around your eyes. These specific creams are meant to be absorbed into it in order to work. That’s exactly what you want in a lip balm. If your lips are dry and cracked, you can simply apply it and feel the moisture return. Unlike the rest of your body, your lips have no oil glands and they can certainly use a little help from an outside source. By adding the moisture, you’re ensuring that they don’t dry out as frequently or as quickly as they would without it.

Your lips can also be the first part of your body to show signs of aging. With dark spots and dry skin, it should come as no surprise. Since eye creams are already fighting this, they’ll be right at home.

So what type of cream works best on lips? There is a seemingly endless supply of different creams at the drug store. The simple answer is to just use the product that you already like. If you don’t have one, there are a few tips that can help you choose. First off, you’re going to want a light serum. The faster it gets absorbed, the better. Secondly, SPF is always good; the higher, the better. Lips often get passed over when it comes to sun protection, so this is an easy way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Naturally, you’re going to want to go with something non-toxic. If it’s this close to your mouth, you want to make sure that it’s completely safe. You also want to avoid odors. Not only is the smell going to be a problem for you, but it’s also going to be very off-putting for anyone you’re talking to if you have breath that smells like a moisturizer.

Aside from all that, make sure you’re getting something with antioxidants and peptides. This may just be the best thing you’ve ever done for your lips, so make sure you do it right. Whether or not you continue to use moisturizer on your lips is up to you. If you decide against it, it’s always best to get as much good stuff into them as you possibly can. You’ll be able to fight the signs of aging as well as protect against the sun, and do away with the dryness and cracking. Almost nothing could be better for your face.

The Causes And Treatments Of Clogged Pores


Dealing with clogged pores can be a real pain. I mean a huge pain in the butt. More importantly, what causes our pores to get clogged? Lucky you, I’m here today to cover treatment info as well as the reasons why your pores might become clogged. Sure, this isn’t 100% related to puffy eyes and dark circles, but it’s still important enough for me to cover.

clogged pores treatment

Learn Why You Have Clogged Pores (And How To Treat Them)

Acne and oily skin are never fun to deal with. Not only is it unsightly when it happens, but if left untreated, it can leave permanent scars. The causes for these conditions can vary, but they generally all lead back to clogged pores. So many of our skin problems come from this condition that understanding it and how to treat it has the power to change your life for the better. The more you can learn about it, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with it and make it a thing of the past. Here are the most common causes and cures.

Dead Skin

First and foremost, dead skin cells can be to blame. Our skin’s top layer is constantly creating new skin cells and shedding old ones. When these dead skin cells have an opportunity to build up due to dry skin, they can clog pores. Next up is excess oil. The next layer of our skin houses the glands responsible for creating our skin’s natural oils. These oils, called sebum, help to keep our skin soft and hydrated. Occasionally these sebaceous glands go into overdrive, creating too much oil and causing dead skin cells to stick together and plug up your pores.


Among other things, clogged pores can lead to acne. That’s what every single high schooler in the world fears, but they’re in no way the only people who can succumb to it. Even after it’s gone away, the effects tend to hang around. Recurring bouts of acne can cause stress on your skin’s layers and dilate the pores. This can lead to them to become even more likely to develop blockages and more acne. It’s just a never-ending cycle of bad skin.

Treat It

Those are the most common causes and effects, but what is it that we can do to fix it? Well, you need the right skin care treatment routine. Most people will try to wash their face, but that only gets you so far. You’re only cleaning the top layer and leaving all of the unwanted stuff underneath. To really get it clean, you have to get underneath and get rid of all that built up residue. That means that you need to exfoliate. What’s that? Well, an exfoliator has an abrasiveness that scrubs rather than rinses the skin. This should be the first step in your routine (especially for those 35 or older) to allow other products to work their best.

Cleanse Time

After you exfoliate, you can finish up with a facial cleanser, not just soap and water. You want to have something that can really get the job done for you. There are a lot on the market, so you really have to do your research and find the ones that are going to work best for you. You can always feel free to use this resource in your search for the right product. We test everything extensively and make sure that it’s worth both your time and your money. It’s important to get the right product to suit your needs, whatever they may be.


It doesn’t take a whole lot to clean out your pores. It just requires a regimen that you can stick to. As long as you put in the effort to take care of your face every single day, you’ll see the results that you’re looking for in no time. If you have the right tools and the proper discipline, then you can turn your skin problems into a thing of the past. Once they’re gone, though, make sure you keep it up. They can always resurface and set you right back to square one at the worst possible time.

Why Argireline Is Great For Anti Aging


There are literally hundreds of ingredients that brands are incorporating into their products these days. Many of the ingredients are effective, especially if you’re looking to reduce puffiness and dark circles in the undereye region. As science and technology progress forward, so do the number of treatments offered. Modern science and medicine have been trying to perfect anti-aging treatments for years. Many products targeted on eliminating wrinkles around the eyes are filled with the powerful secret ingredient called Argireline.

If you’ve never heard of Argireline, it’s a miraculous ingredient that possesses the ability to de-age your skin.

Argireline eye cream ingredient

How Does Argireline Do It?

By slowly removing wrinkles and the dark circles under your eyes. These wrinkles and circles literally accumulate over the years. They do so due to years of sleep deprivation, stress, and an overall lack of proper skin care. If you’re dealing with damage from the sun, then you’re in luck too. It also has the ability to treat sun-damaged skin, crows feet, and enlarged pores.

Argireline is an ingredient that has been existence for years but it soared in popularity after the famed physician Dr. Oz used it in a segment on his television show to display how powerful an anti-aging agent it was. He brought up a guest named Diana and polled viewers to guess her age. The average age that they guessed was around 53. Diana was terribly disappointed because she was only 44 years old. After using Argireline, the appearance of Diana’s face improved dramatically and she began to look much younger.

Argireline is often described by those in the medical field as the “best needle-free alternative to Botox.” Like Botox, it works its unique magic by relaxing your facial muscles in a way that prevents unwanted wrinkles. The ingredient itself is very safe and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about any negative adverse side effects. Not to mention, it’s the invasiveness that attracts many consumers as well. No one likes needles and if you can avoid them, then why the hell not right!

A Strong concentration of this ingredient in any form of cream or lotion will likely have the desired effect of reducing wrinkle depth to the human eye. The recommended amount of Argireline concentration is around 5 or 10%. I can confirm that it’s a featured ingredient in different anti-aging skin creams and lotions that can be found at your local Sephora, grocery store or pharmacy. If you are looking for it on a label, then look for the scientific term. It will be listed under the name Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

There have been many studies of Argireline’s effects of decreasing wrinkles and its ability to slow your skin’s aging process. The many positive effects and benefits that come with its use are very well-documented and chronicled online and in various laboratory research conducted over recent years. The Journal of Cosmetic science published the results of a clinical research study and came to the conclusion that a 10% concentration of acetyl hexapeptide-3 will reduce the effects of wrinkles up to 30% after only 30 days of usage.

The research also showed that in a matter of only 15 days, 10 healthy women subjects had a wrinkle reduction of 17%. The results of this research are strong and only help to confirm that Argireline will continue to be an influential and effective ingredient in skin creams and lotion for years to come.

Want to educate yourself on this ingredient? If so, then I suggest that you head on over to the Lipotec website to learn more about the ingredient.

Preparation H: Can It Fix The Skin Around Your Eyes?


We all age and anyone that’s in the later stages of life knows what I’m talking about. Those who have aged know that fine lines, puffiness, bags, and dark circles around your eyes can be a problem. These issues can arise as a result of many things. They can be caused by allergies, dehydration, hormones, or just aging. Not sure what I’m referring to? Well, it’s when the skin doesn’t regenerate as well as it used to. The answer to your problems might be cheaper than you realize. Some people are turning to Preparation H!

Sure, there are many expensive eye creams on the market that claim to address wrinkles and bags, but it is said that Preparation H can be effective in this area specific area as well. All the buzz out there on this product, I had to investigate it myself and see what all the fuss was about.

I thought it was a method worth looking into due to the cost alone. After all, it is a lot less expensive to use. Unfortunately, I ended up finding way more drawbacks than advantages of using this product. Check out the details of my investigation below along with recommendations of products you can use that are much more effective.

preparation h and your eyes

Everything I Learned About Using Preparation H For Your Eyes

The first thing that you should know about using this product under your eyes is that it’s temporary. It’s not a long-term treatment, by any means. The longer you use it, the less positive effect it will have on your eyes, and it may even begin to have a negative effect. If you are going to use it, it should definitely be used in moderation. You should only use it on special occasions when you are having an especially bad day and you need to look your best to go out somewhere. To properly understand what this product does to the skin under your eyes, you must first understand the ingredients and their effects on this sensitive area.

Which Ingredients Make It Work?

There are a few decent ingredients in Preparation H, but one rules the roost when it comes to being effective around your eyes. The main active ingredient in Preparation H is shark liver oil. No, you don’t need to go shark fishing in order to reap the benefits of this ingredient.

This ingredient e.g. shark oil is used in multiple skin care products because it has a high concentration of Vitamin A. This is known to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. It’s is quite effective in hydrating the skin and it’s the reason so many moisturizers incorporate it into their formula.

Some variations of Prep-H contain something called hydrocortisone. This is a corticosteroid and is usually used to treat allergic reactions and swelling in the skin. It stops itching and soothes the skin. This ingredient can be helpful if your problem with your eyes is an allergic reaction.

The ingredient Phenylephrine can be good and bad for your eyes. It is often used in decongestants because of its ability to constrict blood vessels and slow the flow of blood to the area. This is what will quickly and temporarily reduce puffiness, but is not good to use long term.

How To Use It If You Choose To Do So

If you decide to take this approach and use the product, then here’s how you do it. But you must be warned, please be sure to use caution. You must first make sure that your hands and the area around your eyes are clean. If dirt or oil gets in your pores, the cream will not be able to absorb properly. Put a very small amount on your finger and apply it only to the area that is problematic. Some of the ingredients could actually be harmful to some of the more sensitive areas on your face and around your eyes.

Reasons To Use Or Avoid It

The benefits of using this hemorrhoid cream on your eyes can be powerful, but only for a temporary period. If you use it too often, it could damage your skin. Even the smallest amount could damage certain sensitive areas on your face. It’s also very harmful to your eyes. It could cause severe irritation if you get it in your eyes and you will have to seek medical attention immediately.

My Final Thoughts

The bottom line is simple, you should avoid using Preparation H around your eyes or anywhere on your face. It’s a quick fix and will not address any problems in your skin that cause the circles, bags, and puffiness. Constricting blood vessels in your face is not a good strategy for skin care. If you use it too often, it will eventually have the opposite of the desired effect and could make the problem worse. I would recommend using other products specific to this problem.

Don’t take my advice though, instead, head on over to see your local dermatologist and let me know what they say about the product. Chances are they’re going to tell you that it’s completely useless. The choice is yours, but I’d find another alternative if I were you.

Yes, Shark Oil Eye Cream Is A Real Thing!


I’m not a huge fan of the ocean, to begin with, but I’m definitely not a fan of sharks! Sure, I watch JAWS and all the other shark movies but that’s about it. Even though I’m not a huge fan of these underwater monsters, when I came across shark oil eye cream I couldn’t help but want to know more.

There are so many products on the market these days and many of them contain the strangest ingredients that you can possibly think of. However, this one might take the cake.

Shark Oil Eye Cream

Shark Oil Eye Cream Is All The Rage This Summer! But Should You Use It?

Wanna know why people are beginning to use this product to deflate puffy under eyes and get rid of those nasty dark circles? Well, it’s because shark livers contain a key ingredient that most eye creams include in their formulas. The ingredient is something known as squalene and it’s magical.

If you think shark liver is the only way to obtain this active ingredient then think again. You can find squalene in natural foods such as olives, rice and more.

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is whether or not you should book a shark hunting trip this summer. My advice is to not waste your money just yet.

The only thing you need to worry about is getting more squalene into your routine and that’s it. As we age, the amount of squalene dramatically decreases and when that happens, skin form wrinkles and it dries out faster than the Sahara desert.

Your job is to replace the squalene, not kill sharks, lol!

Now, all you need to do is find a reputable brand that creates an eye cream which doesn’t kill sharks off for their liver. Might I suggest using a serum by Keihl’s or maybe even La Mer if you’ve got deeper pockets? Either option is bound to save you time and money versus hunting sharks, trust me!

Don’t forget that there are many other options out there if you’re just looking to depuff your eyes. You’re not stuck with hurting sharks or animals just to achieve your perfect skin complexion. In fact, I’ll be the first one to say that cruelty-free is the only way to go when it comes to purchasing skin care products.

Kim Kardashian Reveals Skyn Iceland In Her Jet Lag Beauty Kit


There’s one thing I know for sure. When Kim Kardashian talks about using a product, the world listens! She’s been known to share a ton of health and beauty information with people who read her personal lifestyle blog. That’s just one of the many places she shares her tips.

Apparently, she’s giving praise to one specific eye cream. There’s an Icelandic company that she’s been incorporating into her routine. The company is called Skyn Iceland.

kim kardashian jet lag skyn iceland

According to an update that Kim Kardashian West posted on her blog, she has incorporated this product in her “jet-lag survival kit.”

I’ve seen Kim K. use a number of different eye creams but in this particular case, she’s incorporating Skyn Iceland eye cream as well as an eye gel.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary for Kim to have a jet lag beauty kit, but she does fly more than you and I. She’s traveling around the country for New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and all the stops for the Kayne West Sait Pablo Tour.

Kim Kardashian carries with her, the Hydro Cool Firming gel in order to get rid of the puffiness of her under eye region. When it comes to reducing the presence of dark circles, Kim is using the Skin Iceland Relief Eye Cream.

If you’re not familiar with the Skyn Iceland products, they are all made with the use of natural ingredients from many Icelandic regions.

Men’s Grooming Necessities For Spring Time


As the weather improves, we find ourselves thinking about those perfect spring days that are soon to come. In order to make the most of those days, you need to be prepared and by prepared I’m talking about having all the grooming necessities to keep yourself looking great this spring. Here are a few spring essentials when it comes to grooming and looking your best.

mens grooming essentials

Charcoal Soap sold at West Elm

Men’s Grooming Necessities Guide

Yes, you need soap to keep your body clean. The latest and greatest cleansing ingredient today is charcoal. Anything with activated charcoal is said to be a hot product for the spring. Why? Well, it does a killer job at absorbing dirt, oil and other nasty residue left on your skin.

If you’re looking for a product that contains activated charcoal, you can always check out the Little Seed Farm Farmstead Charcoal Soap that’s sold at West Elm.

Facial Cleanser
You need a killer cleanser if you want to dominate this spring with great looking skin. I do have a few suggestions for this product. I’d recommend that you spend some money here and invest in a good cleanser. It’s one of the most important things that you can do. There are products out there made by brands like Dermagist, Delfogo, Kiehl’s and other elite brands that work wonders for your skin. I’ll be reviewing each of these brands in the future with regards to each product with the lines.

Eye Cream
No, you’re not alone. Lots of other men use eye cream and no they don’t simply use the eye cream that their mom or girlfriend has at the house. They use their own. Back in the day, this wasn’t looked as being important at all. It’s since become an essential in the men’s skin care game.

Eye creams reduce wrinkles, remove the dark circles and just make you look and feel better all around. If you’re 25 years or older and you’re not incorporating this into your regimen then you’re crazy. I’m currently using the Kiehl’s Eye Alert as well as the serum that they make. I’ve used plenty of other eye products as well though. The important thing is that you’re actually using one.

Beard Oil
I don’t care if you have a full-on Paul Bunyan woodsman beard or if you’re just going for the office stubble look. Whatever approach you’re taking, you need to incorporate a beard oil. This will help keep your beard smelling fresh and free of beard dandruff and other irritation. Beard itch really sucks and if you’re not trying to keep from getting it you may find yourself itching to get some oils in the future. Be proactive and buy some. There are plenty of grooming brands that have their own beard oils. I’d suggest that you check out the woodsman beard oil. It’s one that I’ve used.

Moisturizer With SPF
Last but not least, you need to incorporate a high-quality moisturizer into your regimen and that moisturizer must have SPF to protect your skin. You’re not going to look young if you the don’t protect yourself from the sun. Even worse, you could get skin cancer and that’s a surefire way to ruin your spring. Be smart, be proactive.

Skin Care Tips For Mature People Over 35


Regardless of your age, it’s important that you take care of your skin. I’m constantly asked by people over 35 what my secret is to looking so young. First off, I tell them that it’s really no secret at all. It’s a matter of doing a few things. Here are some skin care tips for anyone that’s over the age of 35 looking to whip their skin into shape.

skin care tips for people over 35

Here Are Some Skin Care Tips For Those 35 And Up

Drink Water
For starters, if you’re not drinking water all day, then I suggest you start doing so. I can’t live without having a water bottle. In fact, I’ve pretty much got one attached to my hip at all times. Not literally, but you get the idea. Consuming enough water is important because it’s the best way to hydrate your skin. If you’re ever read any of the magazines that interview celebrities, you’ll often hear them talking about the amount of water they drink. It’s essentially free and it’s good for your body overall.

Get A Routine
If you want to get in shape you go to the gym and follow a routine. Well, the same goes for healthy looking skin. You’ve got to get into the habit of doing things daily. I recommend that you put together a daily ritual which includes the use of a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and eye cream. It may sound like a lot of work but it honestly becomes effortless once you establish the habit of caring for your skin. Let me also stress by saying most of the celebs have routines down to a science. Hugh Jackman has a skin care routine where he wears sunscreen daily now.

Treat Your Neck
Your neck and decollete area can make you look years older than your actual age if not properly cared for. It’s crucial that you spend time treating your neck with the same first class approach as you do your face. The neck and décolleté area are a dead giveaway if they look tired and wrinkled as opposed to your well-kept face. Not to mention, it just looks awful if you’re not treating all applicable areas.

Some of my friends say that they require less sleep as they get older. I personally believe they are doing more harm than good to their body. Instead, I recommend that you get a full 8 hours worth of sleep each night if you want nice looking skin. It’s almost effortless and just something that you need to make time for.

Eye Serums and Concealer
Okay, if you’re like I used to be, then you have really dark circles under your eyes. If that’s the case, then you need to start incorporating an eye serum into your daily routine immediately. Some people want to just settle for their cleanser and moisturizer to do the trick here but I’m telling you it’s not the same. You need to use an actual eye serum. if you’re under eyes are in really bad shape, you can use a liquid concealer of some sort to help.

Well, that about sums up my quick tips for people 35 or older looking to achieve younger looking skin. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! I’ll be glad to help you!

Business Insider Columnist Realizes Why Eye Cream Is Important


A certain business columnist spends most of his time interviewing grooming experts, skin care execs and even the occasional dermatologist. Before he started interviewing these individuals, Dennis Green couldn’t for the life of him understand why taking care of your skin was so important.

Dennis Green Business Insider Columnist

Credit: BusinessInsider.com / Dennis Green / Business Insider Profile

He kept on asking these skin company executives and dermatologists which product they recommended that men should use that most weren’t using. Dennis Green said that the question led to the same exact answer every single time! It was a simple solution too. Everyone told him to use eye cream, even the President of Kiehl’s suggested it.

According to Chris Salgardo, Kiehl’s President, “Nothing gives away aging prematurely or wherever you are in your life than lines around your eyes,” is what he Chris said when he was being interviewed by Dennis Green. I should mention at this point that I’ve actually used a number of Kiehl’s products, specifically the Eye Alert serum product.

Wait a second, though! Dennis is only 24 years old. Is it really necessary for him to start thinking about his skin? It absolutely is time to start worrying!

Instead of taking the advice given by the Kiehl’s President, he decided to simply use his own daily basic moisturizer and call it a day. Dennis admitted that it was finally time to admit that he was in the wrong here. The experts told him something and he decided to completely ignore all that noise.

It turns out that Dennis decided to begin incorporating an eye cream into his daily skin care regimen because he started to care about something that we all have to deal with at times. That’s right, he was sick and tired of being labeled one of the puffy eye guys and hated the look the dark under eye look that the lack of sleep or too much fun was a result of.

In the article published in Business Insider, Dennis Green went as far to mention the zombie that he felt like was no longer staring back at him in the mirror. He’s now joined the ranks of other daily advocates that pride themselves on using eye cream. Not only that, but he may actually be able to keep looking like he’s only in his 20s for a long period of time. Dennis, kudos to you and the action you’ve taken to rid yourself of those nasty under eyes. You’ve joined our club my friend!